Medical Records Specialist Certificates
Medical Coder - Medical Billing


Medical Coder - Medical Billing
Electronic Health Records Certificates

Electronic Medical Records, Coding, and Billing are very important for our healthcare system. People working in these fields ensures that correct patient information and diagnosis are inputted into electronic medical records, which are mapped to specific codes so that correct cost and payment/reimbursement for the provider/nurses/doctors and/or patient are provided. This part of the medical industry is expects to grow 7 percent, with 14,900 job openings per year, over the next decade according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (


Electronic Health Records Specialist

An Electronoic Health Records Specialist (EHR) is responisble for entering patient medical records in electronic form, and store and maintain this information. Besides physicians's notes and diagnostic procedures, this information can be admission and discharge documents, demographics, medical history and treatment. The EHR helps physicians and other medical personnel to easily retrieve patient records. As an EHR you work mostly with administratice tasks and special computer software and data bases. A certificate to become an EHR Specialist takes about 2-3 months, and the average salary is about $45,000.


Oveview of a Medical Coder & Biller

You may think that this kind of work only interact with numbers and a computer, it definitively sounds like that, doesn't it?. However, quite a bit of the responsibilities as a Medical Coder and Biller is interaction and communication with both patients and medical personell. Therefore, as a Medical Biller/Coder you will most likely be able to a hybrid of work from home and in a medical facility. A typical medical billing/coding certificate takes about 9 months and the avarage salary is $45,000-50,000 and goes as high as $80,000 - $90,000 depeinding on your state and specialty.


What is a Medical Coder?

A Medical Coder, also known as a Clinical Coder, maps all services used in a healthcare visit to specific codes for each service, which are then used in the billing process. These medical services can be the medical record(s) of a patient, such as the physician's transcripts and diagnosis, equipment used (x-ray etc), and lab-work performed. Medical coders must maintain patient confidentiality and therefore must follow state and federal privacy laws and regulations, since patient records contains sensitive information. A Medical Coder can have different specializations; there are different codes for Hospital versus Urgent Care visits even though the reason for the visit is closely related.

What is a Medical Biller

A Medical Biller, a type of an Insurance Billing Specialist, is responsible for calculating costs for medical procedures and treatments. A Medical Biller is responsible for interpreting the patient's medical records and codes, calculate the charges, then determine if their insurance company covers all or partially the cost of the medical service. They work both with patients and insurance companies to make sure proper payment plans are made and write up invoices to collect payments in a timely manner. They also work with administrative tasks and special medical billing software databases. Additional responsibility is to investigate any errors that may occur and rectify those errors.


Shall I do a Combination of both Coder and Biller?

Many of the certificate programs teaches both, and your chances to find employment most likely increases when you are certified in both professions. However, since both of these areas are fast growing, focus on either billing or coding will probably suffice. It also depends on your situation; how much time do you have to dedicate to your education? Also, because these two professions are hghly related, you can begin as a biller, get a job, and then after some time educate yourself further as a coder.

Ready to reach your goals? Are you ready to start your new life?

Learning new things is exiting! Still there may be some days that will be harder than others, and to reach a goal requires commitment. Keep a good schedule, but alow for some modifications. By starting with a short program, you will easily acheive your goal! And before you know it, you are done! And who knows, you may begin with one short Certifate Program, and end up with a Ph. D !! You never know what you're capable of, unless you try!



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Being able to converse in a professional manner is hugely important when applying for a new job. Good English skills also help you to communicate better, and improve your chances to get a higher paying job.


Many programs are no more than 4 - 16 weeks! Some courses are in segments, where you first complete a basic requirement, which you can immediately use to search for a new job.