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Digital Marketing
Social Media - SEO - Content Creator

Digital Marketing is a very fast-growing field as more and more businesses realizes that without an online presence through a website and social media channels, it's difficult to grow as a business. As a Digital Marketer Professional you will have the most freedom in working remotely than almost any other profession these days! Imagine sitting on a balkony in Paris, while working for your comapny in the US. As a Digital Marketer you will also have the ability to be to work independently for many companies and be your won boss!


Overview of Digital Marketing.

A digital marketer is responsible for promoting a business and its products using online channels. Digital marketers have extensive knowledge of how social media, search engines, websites and online advertisements can generate sales leads, increase traffic to a business and build brand awareness. Digital marketing roles combine creativity, social advertising and data analysis to help businesses be strategic about their online presence and the way they interact with potential customers. Some digital marketers are in charge of all of the business' online activities, while others specializes in a specific digital marketing niche.

How Become a Digital Marketer.

Many Universities offers Digital Marketing certificates in their extension progams, such as Cornell (eCornell) , UCLA Extension, and North Western Univerity. Google also offers a certificate through Corsera, called Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate. All of these programs are offered on-line and takes 2-3 months to complete if you dedicate 30-40 hrs per week. As of November 2022, there are curently about 218,000 job-opening in this field! And average salary is about $51,000. The benefit of choosing a University based program is that some of the classes can be transferable, should you later choose to get a full degree in for example Business. Corsera Certificates, on the other hand, are completely self paced, so if you can study 80 hrs per week you can be done in a month!

Digital Marketing Specializations.

Content Creator & Social Media

A Content Creator & Social Media professional is responsible for writing blogs, website content, and posts on social media platforms and shopping networks to promote company products and/or services. They create/update images and videos on social media in a strategic, engaging manner to attract customers to the business. As a Content Creator & Social Media professional you will use specific tool such as CANVA for images and PROMO for videos, to make it easier to promote a company's content. You may even use artificial intelligence programs that helps writing captivating short blog posts, like

Search Engine Optimization & Analytics

Search Engine Optimization & Analytics are extremely important in Digital Marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) utilizes the way search engine algorithms function by researching and targeting specific keywords matching the company's products and/or services. Smartly constructed keywords increase a websites search engine rankings, i.e. how high up a website place on Google and other search engings in a random search. With Analytics tools such as Google Analytics, the digital marketer can track traffic to the website, what pages generates most views etc. With this information the comapny can then determine what types of contents and advertisments perform the best and generates the most leads and sales.

Ready to reach your goals? Are you ready to start your new life?

Learning new things are exiting! But there may be some days that will be harder than others. To reach a goal requires commitment. Keep a good schedule, but alow for some modifications. By starting with a short program, you will easily acheive your goal! And before you know it, you are done! And who knows, you may begin with one short Certifate Program, and end up with a Ph. D !! You never know what you're capable of, unless you try!



Are you thinking about changing your career direction, but don't know where to start? Read about how to organize your interests and dreams, and turn them into goals that leads to a fulfilling future.


Being able to converse in a professional manner is hugely important when applying for a new job. Good English skills also help you to communicate better, and improve your chances to get a higher paying job.


Many programs are no more than 4 - 16 weeks! Some courses are in segments, where you first complete a basic requirement, which you can immediately use to search for a new job.